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Shibbster tweets about: Lead Inc's "Mirage"

Shibbster tweets about: Lead Inc's "Mirage" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvkjM6EIvBE Heya - what’s up people? I am finally back with an album review again. This one is prior to the actual release date again and thus, I am even more excited to share my thoughts about what is going to await you behind the doors to Lead Inc’s „MIRAGE“. Before we dive right into it, let me just quickly tell you that I got to know Lead Inc back in 2015, when I was organizing my solo-project’s farewell show - I was looking for awesome support bands on the internet and chose Lead Inc. -> Turned out to be their first gig ever and they CRUSHED it! (In case you weren’t there, you missed out big time…) So - shall we? Ready, set, GO! 01. - Alice Alice opens up with a 2-minute-intro section that really is setting the kind of the scene in your ears that you would expect from looking at the cover picture. It is somewhat dark but energetic without being too dramatic. When the b

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