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#ShibbCast - Episode 2

#ShibbCast - Episode 2 The mind-melting continues. promised and written in my last post, here it is. The second episode of the #ShibbCast. This instrumental is one of the most straight ones I have written within the last 6 months, as it is completely in a 4/4 time signature and does not feature any spectacular polyrythms. It is pretty much straight forward in its grooves and even has a somewhat tangible structure... There's even something in it my mom always wanted me to include in my compositions: Cowbells. Maybe the instrumental did not turn out entirely how my mom imagined it. - Sorry Mopsi.
Nonetheless, whenever I listen to this, my thoughts are drifting. To me it sounds like the soundtrack of somebody going somewhere, kind of starting their journey.
This is the reason why I chose to install a camera in a car on my last ride over the motoway.
In addition, I feel like this instrumental kind of connects with Episode 1 of the #ShibbCast…

#ShibbCast - Episode 1 // Melting Mind Sessions

#ShibbCast - Episode 1 Welcome to the Melting Mind Sessions.

Here it is. I have thought of doing this a long time and finally I have the guts to eventually start what I am going to call "ShibbCast". This is an instrumental podcast with calm videos accompanying the audio. I started this project as I discovered that sometimes I write too much music to write lyrics to. And since this is not the "poppy, successful, mainstream" kind of music, I cannot imagine giving the instrumentals to somebody else in order to perform vocals over that. I might not be happy with that, but I can never know for sure...
I made my mind up about the background of those instrumentals - 'cause whenever I start recording something for ShibbCast, I always have a first idea in mind already. And this is where the name for the first season comes from:
The Melting Mind Sessions. (wait - did he say 'first season?' - yes he did, continue reading...)

#KineticToys - MetaPop Submission

#KineticToys - MetaPop Submission

So, one pretty amazing thing about being in Berlin is, that no matter what you are interested in, you are basically living in a melting pot of creativity. Last year in September one of my friends recommed the website and was very enthusiastic about it. He said "No matter your interest, you will find fellow people!" Simply put: I did.
The community that I found through this website is "Strength in Numbers" - I highly recommend that you check this out and attend events with them!There are two series of events running with Strength in Numbers: Beats & Chill and Deliberate Beats. So last Tuesday, it was Deliberate Beats - to put it in a nutshell: You listen to music - you get a challenge - you start working on that challenge with other audio producers and artists together. Last Tuesday's challenge was #KineticToys from MetaPop - a challenge where you would download a pack of 3…


Hello 2018. #laetitia.
On the 31st December 2017, I was not too eager to go out and have a few drinks with friends as I was just too exhausted of how 2017 ended for me. It was an extreme year with ups and downs and I am not sure yet, what outweighs what.
Around 9pm in the evening, I was sitting in my flat wondering if I should call someone or just continue watching Netflix when some people apparently thought their clocks are running 3 hours ahead. They started to shoot fireworks in front of my window - and it was a great inspiring view. I did not really think about it, I just grabbed my guitar and started recording what came to my mind. ...the idea grew in my head within minutes and I started to feel a little too excited to just stay in my flat doing nothing. So at 11:30pm I took a break from recording, and went to my favourite place by bike so I could film the fireworks at midnight.
When I got home, I continued recording until late in the morni…