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#ShibbCast - Episode 10 ...a pure finale...

#ShibbCast – Episode 10 …a pure finale…

I know it’s not sunday – as written here unfortunately I was not able to publish the finale on regular schedule. I’m sorry but here it finally is:

This is it. The #ShibbCast’s Melting Mind Sessions are done! And this Episode is not only my favourite one in terms of listening to – it is the one I am most proud of in terms of the arrangement. Productionwise, this is kind of the ‘purest’ result I have been producing so far. This Episode only consists of 6 guitar DI tracks – with no effects on them. I just took the original signal of the Splashbird and did not even put an amp-emulation on it. No EQing, no effects, no frills. The only thing I have been adding to this was iZotope’s Vinyl free plugin – you should definitely check that out. It added a nice warmth to the track. Apart from that the only “production” I have been doing on this, was mastering the track – subtle compression on the fulltrac…

#ShibbCast - Major difficulties instead of finale.

So. It's sunday again and today was intended to be the release date of #ShibbCast - Episode 10. The finale of the first season named The Melting Mind Sessions.Good or bad news first? I go for bad news. The bad news is that unfortunately my computer broke down. Never a good message to tell/hear/experience... So this is the reason for me not being able to broadcast the finale today and I am very sorry about that. But that's life. Things like that do actually never happen in a convenient moment. But let's be honest: is there a convenient moment for a computer beeaking down? I dont think so.Nonetheless here's the "good" news:
I have done my research and this breakdown is repairable. Since I already recorded Episode 10 it won't get lost as it is. And this leaves me kind of relaxed with the situation. Of course I am not happy with it, but there is a solution for it. And this is what matters the most right now I think.So, what have I done today without a compute…

Metapop - #Trailblazer - Part 4: FULL RELEASE!!!

Metapop - #Trailblazer  Part 4: FULL RELEASE!!!

Finally. Here it is. I made it before the deadline - and I am very happy with the outcome of this. As said in Part 1 - I took on this challenge because of the name. I haven't listened to the original song yet, which is something I am going to do right after publishing this post.
Part 2 was basically about how everything was put together in my head and part 3 was about facing the challenges in terms of soundproduction when merging the guitars with the electronic spectrum of the stems.
So what can I say about part 4? ...have a listen. I hope you all enjoy it. You can also view my submission on MetaPop:
If you do have an account on Metapop, please comment on my track if you have any feedback. If not, you are more than welcome to text me your thoughts on twitter and instagram as well. I am pretty happy with my result and…

Metapop - Taking on #Trailblazer - Part 3

Metapop - Taking on Trailblazer Part 3
Here I am again! Still taking on Metapop’s #Trailblazer challenge. I promised you in the last post, that this one is going to be a rant about cutting edgy riffs in order to make them sound even more edgy. So let’s start with this right away:

I mean, look at this. As most of you know, if you zoom out of your projects in your DAWs you will reach a point where not every cut is visible anymore. To be fair: this is not the hardest thing I had in terms of cutting yet, but it did in fact take me some time to cut the guitar tracks accurately. I am in the comfortable position that I made quite a few recording experiences, so playing tight and in time is not an issue for me anymore. Having to move a few notes to the right timing position is a very rare occurrence for me now. Nonetheless: Cutting guitar tracks is essential when it comes to mixing as you’d never want the bare buzzing sound of electricity in your track when the guitar is not playi…

#ShibbCast - Episode 9

#ShibbCast - Episode 9 ...if only everything was this simple...

We're so close to the end of season 1 of the #ShibbCast now. The Melting Mind Sessions are almost done - one Episode is still to come until it's a wrap. So - what is Episode 9 basically about? It's simple. It is about simplicity. It's straight forward and in terms of music definitely employs a no-frills attitude. Which is not too common for me writing music, 'cause I always like to play around with details, extras, harmonies, polyrhythmic grooves, etc. But this time I did not - and I am happy with the result of it.
As this one is simple and straight forward, it almost sounds like it has been writing itself on its own. Spoiler alert: It was still me doing this instrumental. It's been basically the point of the #ShibbCast like I said it in the first post: I was pretty excited where this project is taking me in terms of genre, arrangements, approaches, etc. And …

Metapop - Taking on #Trailblazer - Part 2

Metapop - Taking on #Trailblazer Part 2

Please find part 1 of the #Trailblazer challenge here.
In the meantime, I have not only been listening to the stems, I tried to start creating something with it. Fun fact: when I took my guitar and wanted to try to jam something over one of the stems, the first note didn't even play. I broke a string instead. Good start. #ThanksShibbster 

In terms of stems, I decided to focus on "Staccato Synth Arp" which is some kind of subtle squeaky sound. It provides a nice spheric sound in G minor - but I decided to change the root note of this entire track to G#. The stems that I decided to use within this file are now all transposed 1 step up.
Since I broke a string before starting to record something I was in the fortunate position that I could decide to put a different gauge of strings on the guitar. I decided to bring back some FAIL vibes, put on heavy gauge strings and tuned my guitar down to G# - which is 8 half-steps below the standard E. (…

#ShibbCast - Episode 8

#ShibbCast - Episode 8 ...This time it's dark... We're getting closer to the end of the first season of the Shibbcast. And so far I am pretty happy about how it went so far and what it did to me. I went through different shades of heavyness and deepness. I like how different the feedback is that I get from people listening to the episodes. So far, it turns out that Episode 7 has been the most popular one from what I've heard. And somehow I am pretty sure that Episode 8 is not going to be everyone's favourite, but I wanted to share this side of my music writing as well with you.
As said in the headline, this episode is rather dark and pretty heavy. Musicians could say, that it has some kind of a djenty vibe. (If you do not know the term djent, it is pretty well explained here: WIKIDJ0NT) In 2017 most of the things I wrote and composed sounded similar to Episode 8, as I was totally into heavyness mixed with spheric sounds then. Thr…

#ShibbCast - Episode 7

#ShibbCast - Episode 7 ...Sunday mornings... It's the seventh Sunday of #ShibbCast today. Quite a magical number, and I am kind of impressed, that I made it this far already. This episode has a very peaceful vibe actually (in contrast to Episode 6), even a bit cinematic. This time I've been playing around with delays and string instruments a lot.
The cool thing about this episode for me is, that it really tells a coherent story. The track is making progress on it's own without stepping too far away from the main plot, if this makes sense. It's carrying the listener throughout a short calm chapter about something that might be happening on a way home after a long night out. When conversations appear to get deeper and tiredness takes its toll. That's basically why you see a calm street somewhere in Berlin at night. A classic spot for occurances like that.
Another fascinating fact about this episode is, that it turned out totally…

Metapop - Taking on #Trailblazer - Part 1

Metapop - Taking on #Trailblazer Part 1

Well - As some of you may already know, I took part in a Metapop challenge called "Kinetic Toys". You can find my submission here:

Video on YouTubeBlogpost ShibbsterTweetsSubmission on Metapop
As of the 03rd of March, this challenge is still in judging - so I don't know if I won or not. I also took part in another challenge called "Basement Era". I did not create a video for it and not a blog post either, but you can find my Submission on Metapop as well.
This challenge is still in judging as well. - I will edit these posts as soon as results are in. – promised! The status quo is I took part in two challenges so far – one documented with a blogpost and a video on YouTube, the other one just for Metapop (I haven’t even shared Basement Era on Facebook either…). For this time, I decided to share my process of taking part in another Metapop challenge with you, as this proce…

C'MON FLUFF! DISQUALIFY ME! #riffsandbeards #riffcontest3

COME ON FLUFF! DISQUALIFY ME! #RiffsandBeards #Riffcontest3
Hello there Internet, hello Fluff, Fluff's beard and Fluff's riffs!
Guess what, the #RiffsandBeards Riffcontest no. 3 is on right now! Sounds great? It does. Please make sure to check out the announcement for this contest on Fluff's YouTube channel.
What I did not like about this contest was how many negative comments started to appear below the video 'cause Fluff stated you are only eligible for entering the contest/winning a price if you have a U.S. mailing address. To be fair - the reason for this is pretty reasonable: It's about the shipping taxes outside the U.S. ...I'm okay with that and I just do not get why people start to complain only because the are not eligible for winning prices. I think comments like that rather destroy the spirit of riffing instead of fortifying the community feeling. I think this is a cool opportunity to get creative within a certain…