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#ShibbCast - Episode 6

#ShibbCast - Episode 6 ...slightly uncomfortable... Another Sunday, another episode. This one actually made me reflect a little about surroundings in general. We do have winter at the moment, which is certainly not my favourite part of the year. It's dark and it's cold - I am not a big fan of cold winter days.
I have been hearing about people who actually catch winter depression. And I am happy that I am not one of these people. However, this instrumental reflects coldness in a different way, I think. Even when a situation is completely calm you might be screaming in your head. Out of happiness, despair, sadness, excitement, you name it. But who is going to hear what you are screaming in your head, when you are not opening your mouth anyways? Sometimes you are just on your own and everything seems so loud although there is actually no noise to witness...
Of course this is a rather sad topic compared to what I have been writing about the l…

#ShibbCast - Episode 5

#ShibbCast - Episode 5 ...felt like smalltalk... So again, it's Sunday. We are already on Episode 5 of the ShibbCast. This one is the shortest one so far, as the first four episodes all went past the 4-minutes mark. But this one was not really demanding more. It really feels like a nice smalltalk, where you get to know somebody in a short time, and as soon as you discover that someone start repeating theirselves, the conversation soon is over... I was lucky enough that I was allowed to actually film part of a conversation with two friends of mine. For this time, the music, the video and this text are lightweight. Just a nice tiny candy for your Sunday.I really do like how that one turned out.
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#ShibbCast - Episode 4

#ShibbCast - Episode 4 ...a late night fadeout...

#ShibbCastSunday again! come that I only had this hashtag with the fourth episode in mind? I could've been more creative. Anyhow. Another sunday, another ShibbCast. This time, I tried a different approach of arranging that I haven't used before: Loops/Samples.
Usually, I create my instrumentals by writing them in their full-length. This time, I only set myself a tempo and constructed a beat with 808 Drumsamples. Then I chose E-minor as the root of this song and started recording Chord progressions and melodies - but none of them longer than 8 bars. - to put it in a nutshell: I created a set of loops/samples to play around with.
What you hear is the result of me having a set of loops, arranging them into a full-length instrumental. I am indeed quite happy with the result, as this comes with a totally different vibe from what I usually write. It kind of feels like having a night out, …

#ShibbCast - Episode 3

#ShibbCast - Episode 3 Watch me jamming while thinking about something else.

Again: It's Sunday, and here I am with a new Episode of the #ShibbCast. This time, the accompanying video is kind of a recreation of how this instrumental was constructed - I tried a different approach this time.
A struggle of many musicians recording is that the click can get seriously annyoing when recording for longer periods. The Soundbrenner Pulse offers a different solution as this is a haptic metronome. You can see me wearing it in the video on my wrist. Everytime it lightens up, it vibrates as well. With this gadget, "feeling the pulse of music" get's an entirely new twist and I love it. Once I got used to feeling the click instead of hearing it, it opened up a new idea in my head:
How about I just set myself a click in a certain tempo and just start jamming and writing until I'm satisfied? This is basically what I did. This instrumental was…