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Shibbster Tweets About: Sonic Skies

Shibbster Tweets About: Sonic Skies’ #DRIFTER Welcome back! This time I’ll be tweeting about Sonic Skies - why? I was totally up for that. And: local patriotism! <3 (Hamelin you little beauty…)
Sonic Skies is a metalcore band from Hamelin, lower saxony who recently got signed to 7hard records. I knew these guys since their beginning as they and me were both working with the same producer at that time and he showed me their new songs every now and then when we were taking a break whilst working on my songs.
I have been playing and listening to loads of metal core between 2009 and 2015 until my taste of music slightly changed. I discovered that metalcore happened to be the same riffings and structures all over and over again. What made a band stand out was either their sound in terms of mixing and producing, or that they tuned lower and lower and lower or that they had a very good clean vocalist. It somehow became meaningless for me, and hon…