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Shibbster Tweets About: Christopher Bolte

Shibbster Tweets about #ChristopherBolte.
Another post, yay finally! So - this is a new category on this blog called „Shibbster tweets about…“. For this first post I decided to tweet about Christopher Bolte. Some of you may already know him, some may not. In any case, here’s a brief overview of what the internet tells you:
Christopher Bolte is a German bassplayer born and raised in Bückeburg. He played for various bands such as Analogue, Ole Hauk, Natalia Mateo and many many more (…I think listing all the appearances he made would be an entire post itself).
After finishing A-Levels in Germany he studied Jazzbass at University of Osnabrück and got a scholarship to finish his degree at Berklee College of Music! Not only is he a graduated musician and played for many artists, he is also a well requested producer, mixing and mastering engineer. The timbre studios in Bückeburg were his second home for a long time.
So what’s my connection to Christophe…